About Us

Infraestruturas de Portugal is the state-owned enterprise that originated from the merger between Rede Ferroviária Nacional - REFER, E.P.E.  (REFER, E.P.E.) and EP - Estradas de Portugal, S.A. (EP, S.A.) in which REFER, E.P.E. acquired EP, S.A. and the resulting company was transformed into a public limited company, taking the name Infraestruturas de Portugal, S.A. (IP, S.A.).
The merger was established on 1 June 2015, in accordance with Decree-Law 91/2015 of 29 May.
In practical terms, the management of the road and railway infrastructures was taken up by a single company in accordance with a joint, integrated and complementary strategy.

The purpose of IP, S.A. is to plan, design, construct, finance, maintain, operate, rehabilitate, extend and modernise the national road and railway networks, including the command and control of train movements.

The sole shareholder of IP is the Portuguese State, and it is under the control of the Ministries of Planning and Infrastructures and of Finance.


To position Infraestruturas de Portugal as the manager of multi-modal mobility, enhancing asset management, synergies and new revenues to ensure the provision of a sustainable, safe and efficient service.



Reflect our commitment to society and the desire for continuous improvement.

  • Precision
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency